Identification of Staph aureus, Mycoplasma, Prototheca and other dangerous pathogens in your milk samples

  • We will call, or text you, when we find any contagious pathogen in one of your milk samples
  • We have a PCR machine that can get you Mycoplasma results in less than 24 hours.

Easy implementation of culture based treatment

  • Saves you money, by guiding antibiotic treatment to the specific mastitis cases that need it
  • Your culture results will show up in your DairyComp, on your cows cards
  • You will also receive emails in the format you desire
  • These emails can include your specific treatment protocols, associated with each bacteria, and directions for your hospitalists

Bedding analysis with quick turnaround times

  • Quantitative bacterial growth per gram of bedding
  • Dry matter / moisture content in the bedding
  • Helping you set up your cows for success, by keeping clean beds and reducing costly mastitis infections
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