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We are currently looking to hire for a dairy veterinarian position. Check out our job posting on this list on AABP.


We have a vivacious, structured, and well reviewed externship program here at Mill Creek. We take veterinary students, and recent veterinary graduates, from around the world in 2 week blocks.

We expect every extern to have integrity, to be ready to work hard, and to be enthusiastic about dairy medicine. Read on at the bottom of this page to learn more about our program.

If you are interested in applying for our externship, check out our Google calendar below for openings (you can also view it here).

When a day contains two “busy” events, that means we are double booked with externs, and have no further availability.

If the days are free, or only contain a single “busy” event, then we probably have room for you at the practice! When you are ready to apply, please send your Cover Letter, Resume, and requested dates of externship to Daniel Davidson D.V.M.

What to expect; Palpation!  You will be scheduled for an early morning herd check four or five days a week. Normally, the afternoons are left open for students so they can participate in any OB’s, sick cows, surgery, etc.  In short, you will experience everything that a large herd dairy practitioner experiences on a daily basis. 

Climate; Summer time it’s HOT (average temp ~100.  It’s a good idea to bring light clothes (shorts etc) to wear under your coveralls.  Winter is typically mild with average temps in the mid 50’s. Some rain is always possible so bring some light rain gear.  

What to bring; Bring at least two pair of coveralls and your stethoscope.  If you need extra coveralls you are welcome to use ours.  You do not have to bring boots. You may also wish to bring your own stethoscope. Consider requesting a student-loaner ultrasound from either IMV Imaging (EasiScan) or EI Medical (Ibex) for your use during your stay. Many of our herds use ultrasound in their reproductive programs, and many students find it beneficial to practice with while they are here.

Travel; I strongly suggest that you fly into Fresno. There are very limited flights into Visalia, and Bakersfield is a good hour away.  You will need to provide your own travel to our office from the airport. Students can use the shuttle service named “Classic Status” (phone number (559) 733-9245). They require a few days advance notice. Lyft and Uber are sometimes significantly cheaper than the shuttle. If you can rent a vehicle, that may be the best way to travel since two week car rental is about the same cost as the shuttle to and from the airport to our office.  You should be able to get in touch with rental agencies that are located at the Fresno Airport.

Accommodations; We can house two students at a time (yes, each gets a bed and their own room).   Towels and linens are provided. We have two bathrooms and a small kitchen area, TV, internet and laundry facilities.   There is a spare truck which you can use for local errands after 5:00 pm (we will need a photocopy of your drivers license for insurance).  You will provide your own meals. For liability reasons alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises.  

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